Rebooting Community IT, Part 1

It’s been awhile since I talked about (Mozilla) Community IT.

In Part 1 I want to recap where we started from and where we are today. In Part 2 I’ll talk about What’s Next.

In October 2011 I asked the following question:

“How can Mozilla IT impact the Mozilla Community?”

Within Mozilla IT I helped focus our efforts around three pillars:

  1. Community IT
  2. Community/Volunteer Sysadmins
  3. Air Mozilla

I was even so bold to call out three specific goals for the end of 2012:

  1. to have 5-10 volunteer Community Sysadmins actively helping run Mozilla’s network and servers.
  2. to have a vibrant Community IT group…
  3. to have a premiere source for open source video technology, a site where the Mozilla Community can find, share and create video content

I feel that I generally failed. Or rather, I did not meet the goals I set out.

But I’ve talked about failure before and the Mozilla IT I left is not the same that it was in 2011. In fact, on behalf of my former team, I’ll claim the following two successes:

  1. Air Mozilla.

    In 2011 this wasn’t a thing. No one cared about it.

    Nearly a year later we were discussing specific policies on what we’d stream (public? internal?). A year later it was assumed everything we did would be streamed.

    Air Mozilla became one of the primary communication tools at Mozilla.

  2. Created infrastructure for Community Website/Email Hosting.

    Through Mozilla Reps, Mozilla IT worked to provide Email hosting for 13 communities and Website hosting for more than 29 hosted sites.

Essentially, Mozilla IT literally empowered the Mozilla Community to promote the Mozilla Mission.

Ironically, that was the over arching goal I called out in the third paragraph October 2011.

So maybe I didn’t fail as much as I thought?