about mrz

What am I about?

I build and motivate great teams that create and maintain high demand and globally available infrastructure. I build teams that allow companies to grow from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of users.

I cultivate trust and encourage those around me to design for the future while building with lessons learned from the past. We are stronger when we are all leaders.

I empower people.

My origin story begins in 1993 at a small Chicagoland ISP as a Solaris Sysadmin before I found my true passion as a network engineer in California. Someplace in the middle I picked up coding, mostly Perl. I still speak HTML because at one point in time that was the only way to speak.

I enjoy warm nights, vi and tcsh (but have been known to use bash).

In all things I enjoy a challenge. The challenge in building systems that scale, the challenge of learning.

Context matters. Human connections matter.

Causes that are dear to me

Year Up Bay Area (San Francisco)
  • Technical Advisory Board member
  • Coach and mentor to Year Up students & interns
Saint Mary’s College of California (Moraga, CA)
  • Digital Studies Working Group, curriculum development
The Awesome Foundation, Open Web Trustee

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