Another 100 miles, Delta Century Ride Report

(This would have been posted earlier this week but I’ve had no end of problems trying to get iframes in WordPress-MU working.)

I wrapped up my second century this year over in Lodi, CA this past Sunday doing the Delta Century. Total ride time came in at 6:29.

Ride had a number of firsts for me:

  1. First century with hardly any elevation gain
  2. First century it didn’t rain on me
  3. First century where I biked across bridges and took a ferry to cross the river
  4. First century with massive headwinds !

The winds were the worst part of the ride and made me wish for some hill to climb instead (at least then I’d know when the pain was over). I was either biking into the wind or trying not to get blown over from it. By mile 60 I had had enough and by 80 I just wanted to be done with it.

Weather forecast for Sunday was supposed to be in the high 80s but I never felt any of that heat and, in fact, kept my arm warmers on for the length of the ride.

mrz @ Delta Century 2007 Anyways, a good work out nonetheless and I got to see a part of California I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.Next ride isn’t for a month, down in Riverside County for Ride Around the Bear (with lots of climbing!). Who’s in with me?