Another 100 miles, Delta Century Ride Report

(This would have been posted earlier this week but I’ve had no end of problems trying to get iframes in WordPress-MU working.)

I wrapped up my second century this year over in Lodi, CA this past Sunday doing the Delta Century. Total ride time came in at 6:29.

Ride had a number of firsts for me:

  1. First century with hardly any elevation gain
  2. First century it didn’t rain on me
  3. First century where I biked across bridges and took a ferry to cross the river
  4. First century with massive headwinds !

The winds were the worst part of the ride and made me wish for some hill to climb instead (at least then I’d know when the pain was over). I was either biking into the wind or trying not to get blown over from it. By mile 60 I had had enough and by 80 I just wanted to be done with it.

Weather forecast for Sunday was supposed to be in the high 80s but I never felt any of that heat and, in fact, kept my arm warmers on for the length of the ride.

mrz @ Delta Century 2007 Anyways, a good work out nonetheless and I got to see a part of California I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.Next ride isn’t for a month, down in Riverside County for Ride Around the Bear (with lots of climbing!). Who’s in with me?

4 thoughts on “Another 100 miles, Delta Century Ride Report

  1. Looked interesting. But it’s too far of a drive. Have fun!

    When are you guys getting Mozilla or Firefox jerseys? That’s taking forever…

  2. Was only an hour drive from my house.

    Hopefully jersey’s will be here in time for the Marin Century in August!

  3. What kind of bike do you have? And how does one go about getting a firefox jersey? It’d be awesome to go for that “sponsored” look and actually promote something useful.

  4. Old (1999) Specialized Allez Sport with Syntace aerobars. This route was so not smooth it makes me really want a Specialized Roubaix!

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