I’ve lived most of my life with very few friends.  Growing up most would say I was a shy introvert and while I did have childhood friends in school, outside of Facebook, I don’t really keep in touch with any of them now.  For whatever reasons, those friendships didn’t seem to stick.

My circle or friends is largely comprised of co-workers but co-workers who I know outside of work, who I talk to outside of work just because and who call/txt me for non-work reasons – just “because”. 

The one exception is a small group of friends I met while in college. 

As things turned out, my neighbors in my freshman year at college all went to the same high school and I got to know them and their circle of friends really well.  We’ve gone to each others graduations, weddings, and send holiday cards.  Time’s moved on and we’ve all drifted around the county but somewhere in the middle there the Internet happened and we’ve all kept in touch largely through emails. 

This is the group that knew the young me, the group that helped me through breakups and supported me when I decided to move to California.

We rarely see each other in person.  Tonight was special.  They are all in town for their 20th high school anniversary and I was able to make a trip out too and tonight we all got together as a small group. 


It’s a nice reminder of those who have shaped my own life.  Those who it takes just minutes to catch up with, nearly as if no time has passed since the last time you saw each other. 

It was also nice to laugh, to laugh like I haven’t laughed in a long time, about stupid things.  Stupid things we did in college or during the summers between college.  About things that have happened since college. 

We all have our own different lives now but it was truly a treat to spend a couple hours with my friends.